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On this site you can find wood construction materials, insulating items for buildings, tiles, pellets, etc.

Yellow panels

Yellow panels from PFEIFER and Made in Austria with dimensions 27x500x1500m; 2000m; 3000m.


Dimensions: 19x116x4000m; 24x146x4000m

Laminated beams

Dimensions: 80x120x13000m; 120x120x13000m; 100x140x13000m; 140x140x13000m


Dimensions: 19x121x4000m

Semicircular panels

Dimensions:: 24x116x4000m

Planks for terrace "DECKING"

Dimensions: 25x144x4000m

Ursa Tervoll

Extremely lightweight mineral glass wool for insulation, wrapped on one side with aluminum foil, wrapped in a roll in a ratio of 1: 5.

Rockwool Floorrock C

Dimensions: 1200x600mm; Trash√ęsia: from 30 to 70mm

Bioenergypoint Premium Plus A1

15KG Class A1 pellets from Bioenergypoint.

Bioenergypoint A2 Pelet

15KG Class A2 pellets from Bioenergypoint.

Topdach 100G

Roof foil 100G from Topdach.

Topdach 135G

135G roof foil from Topdach.

Topdach 150G

Roof foil 150G from Topdach.

Tondach Standard

Premium tile by Tondach Keramidi.

Brown tondach

Brown tiles from Tondach Ceramide.


Standard tiles from Nexe.