Gafi Company originally started as a wood distribution company back in 1994. While years passed by, we have evolved to being one of the biggest companies in our country, increasing not only in one niche, but in more than 3 categories. Apart from wood distribution, we gradually started selling insulation products as well, other construction products such as bricks, glass wool, pre-made wooden tables, and so on.

To make a difference, we took it upon ourselves to improve our cities infrastructure while designing and investing in buildings for apartments and homes for our beloved citizens. Our city became crowded and we saw the need to start creating a future for the next generations. In the recent 5 years, we have successfuly started and finished 5 buildings in our local town in Tetovo. These buildings were made with the future in mind, accommodating a family with all the requirements for a decent living such as parking spots for the tenants, parks, low-ground markets and coffee-shops, and so on.

Our vision was, and still is to improve, adapt, and overcome to be able to satisfy everyone with their construction needs, and accommodation. In the meantime, we have more than 2 ongoing projects for buildings that are foreseen to be finished in 2023. These buildings will supposedly accommodate more than 300 people, with an average family of 5 members. For the years to come, may our success and work inspire others to be more motivated to work for the better of all.

We are looking forward to be collaborating with other investors and companies that are keen to work, build, and design a better future for everyone. Being successful means connecting with other people and seeing what others think our state needs. To grow more, we are undertaking construction projects in Skopje as well, a bigger city with a greater population and with plenty of industrial and urban needs.